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The Al-Sunnah Mosque Supplementary School is a voluntary and non-profit organisation. The School now engages educational, religious, cultural and social services to large diverse Muslim community in Cheetham Hill, greater Manchester area and beyond. The activities of Al-Sunnah Mosque Supplementary School make a positive contribution both to children’s achievements and also to community cohesion.

Qur’anic classes are available throughout the year. The Al-Sunnah Mosque Supplementary School’s weekend classes are open from 10:00 am - 2:15 pm on Saturdays and from 10:00 am - 1200 pm on Sundays. During the week lessons are from Monday to Thursday, classes start at 5:30pm to 7:30pm. All adult female classes start at 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.
Please see the Weekly Time Table for all classes.


Al-Sunnah Mosque - Supplementary School aims to provide an outstanding education in an engaging and cohesive environment for each learner to excel; embedded within a safe and secure Islamic environment, promoting prophetic values to develop model citizens and future leaders of our community.

We will fulfil our mission statement by:

  1. A commitment to ensure that high aspirations and expectations are set for all learners in terms of academic achievement, personal development and behaviour.
  2. Setting standards of excellence in teaching and learning through the implementation of a well-designed broad curriculum, taught in an innovative way.
  3. Providing an environment that respects and values the dignity, integrity, and special needs of everyone.


To promote the pristine knowledge of Islam to learners of all ages by developing dynamic individuals who can benefit society by contextualizing their understanding of the religion.

Educational Service

At Al-Sunnah Mosque - Supplementary School we provide a range of educational services and classes, catering to all ages and abilities. These include:

  1. Evening classes for adults in Arabic and Quranic studies.
  2. Sisters Classes for Adults, including Arabic, Tajweed and Islamic Studies and more.
  3. Teach our children how to pray.
  4. Weekend Qur'anic Lessons.
  5. Evening Qur'anic Lessons.
  6. Lectures and other spiritual classes.
  7. Arabic Language.
  8. Youth programs.
  9. Monthly newsletter/bulletins


Our Mosque has the following facilities available for its worshippers:

  • Library with a large selection of books in English& Arabic.
  • Fully equipped catering kitchen for annual functions.
  • Management office, storage rooms.
  • Car park.
  • The Masjid has two Wudu areas.

In the near future we hope (insahalla) to be able to:-

  • Extend and improve our current building with up-to-date facilities to accommodate more students.
  • Improve our Islamic library.
  • Provide Islamic advice centre for muslims and non-muslims.

We are in the moment trying to raise money to implement our future plans, therefore we really need all the support we can get so please come forward and donate generously.


  1. Our curriculum is based on authentic Islamic teachings.
  2. Memorization of Qur’an.
  3. Tawheed (Islamic monotheism, oneness of Allah).
  4. Aqeedah (Islamic creed, belief).
  5. Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).
  6. Adaab (Islamic manners, etiquette).
  7. Arabic Language.

Children will learn Insha’Allah how to recite the Qur’an with correct Tajweed and with some basic understanding. They are encouraged to memorise, but our main focus is to give the children the tools they need to read the Qur’an independently so that they can continue to read in their own time and beyond leaving the school.

Teaching Methodology

Our teachers adopt several teaching pedagogies to ensure the needs of each learner are met. There is a focus on activity based learning to ensure greater student involvement and engagement.

We have also recently upgraded our weekend classroom with the latest technology to provide teachers the opportunity to utilize the latest Islamic apps into their teaching methodology. All our teachers are DBS checked many of whom have been with us for some years. Currently we have more than 200 children in the school; there is a waiting list as we have limited teaching space so we would recommend applying early by completing the online application form which can be found in this section.

Admissions Procedure & Policy

  1. Children are usually enrolled on the “first comes, first served” basis.
  2. Children already on our register are given the privilege to confirm their registration for the next year prior to taking those on the waiting list and new students.
  3. We ask parents to complete an online registration form and sign a home-school-student agreement.
  4. Parents of children on the waiting list are notified as soon as places are available.
  5. All students must pass one week of evaluation before admission.
  6. The Al-Sunnah Mosque Qur’anic classes accepts only the children who are ready to learn and with no troubled background.
  7. We only take children between the ages of 5 and 16+ years old with few exceptions.

People in the School

Mosque Manager: Mr. Ali Eshikh

Mosque Imam: Mr. Mohsan Abdulah

School Coordinator / Administrator: Dr. Yousef Daabaj

Teachers: Mr. Adham, Mr. Saad,  Mr. Kahled, Mr. Mohamed  and Mr. Adnan

Volunteer Teaching Assistants: Mr. Mohamed Mannah, Mr. Mohamed Al-Abdullah

All the staff are well-trained and happy to meet with parents. If you would like to meet with a class teacher and/or have any concerns, please speak to someone at our office.

We welcome any suggestions, compliments and/or complaints about the school.

Please speak to a member of staff or fill in a comments and complaints form

available at the office.

Emergency Forms

Please make sure that we know where you are by telling us immediately if you

change your address or telephone number. This is particularly important if your

child is unwell, has an accident at school or is not collected at the end of the

day. Children become very distressed if their families cannot be contacted.


Excellent Attendance is one of the keys to student success. Students are expected to attend school unless there is a valid excuse. If there is absence parents must send in an excuse for the absence when student returns to his class, otherwise it will be considered unexcused absent and it’s the student’s responsibility to make up all the lessons missed with 3 days excused absence. Class teachers monitor attendance continually and make referrals to the School Coordinator every month.

If your child is absent from school, please let us know by phone or letter as soon as possible. All absences must be accounted for as your child may be cautioned and even face exclusion.

- Your child will be given a first warning if you do not inform us.

- If s/he fails to attend school again, a final written warning will normally be given.

- If there is still a failure to attend classes without authorisation, the student will be   withdrawn without further notice.

We reward good attendance with certificates & prizes.


The school places great importance on punctuality. School starts at 5.30pm during the week for Classes. Children should be in class promptly. Children who are late find it difficult to make a positive start to their day and find it hard to settle to their work. Lateness can also delay the start of lessons for others and should therefore be discouraged. Lateness is also monitored and referrals are made to the School Coordinator. 

Dress and Grooming: 

All students are expected to dress in strict accordance with the shariah.


  • All girls are required to wear loose clothes with no decoration.
  • Girl should not wear make-up or perfumes.


  • No hats or shorts
  • No clothes with logos pictures (animals and human)
  • The boys are strongly recommended to wear Jalabiyah.

Violation and offenses: 

The following violation and offenses will result immediate disciplinary action:

  • Disrespect and no taking orders from the teachers.
  • Foul and profane language in the class or in the masjid premises.
  • Abusing and destroying masjid property (students are responsible to repair their damages).
  • Fighting in any shape or form.
  • Intermingling with girls and vice versa.
  • Eating and drinking during the class session.
  • Chewing gum in the class as well masjid premises.
  • Leaving the masjid premises without the parents or legal guardian.
  • Running in the class or in the masjid.
  • Trashing the class or the masjid property.
  • Being late ten minutes.
  • Failure to treat others (students and staff) fairly with respect.
  • Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behaviour or language whilst on or off masjid premises whether directed towards a member of staff or another student.

Disciplinary actions:

  1. First Violation: Verbal/Written reprimand by the teacher.
  2. Second Violation: Parent of the student is required to have meeting with the teacher.
  3. Third Violation: The parents and the student are required to have a meeting with teacher and the school committee.

Sanctions and other actions available 

  1. Any authorised person may issue a caution, in writing. A caution is considered to be advice on future conduct together with a record that the advice has been given
  2. A formal warning advising the student about their future conduct. This represents a serious statement by the School of a finding of misconduct and shall be held on record for the duration of the student’s studies.
  3. Where a student has previously received a warning, or where it is deemed fit, the student may receive a final warning.
  4. A compensation payment for the direct cost of reparations to property or other reasonable loss of money by person(s) or third party as a result of the misconduct.
  5. Disciplinary suspension from the School or such part as may be specified for a determined period of time.
  6. A student expelled or suspended as a result of disciplinary proceedings shall have no right to a refund of fees.

Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

  • At Al-Sunnah Supplementary School we believe that everyone has an equal right to respect and that every student should be encouraged to develop and reach their full potential in a happy and secure environment.
  • We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.
  • Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school. If bullying does occur, all students should be able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. We are a TELLING school. This means that anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell the staff.
  • We have a Code of Behaviour and Golden Rules which are displayed in our office and in classrooms.
  • We follow an assertive discipline scheme which rewards good behaviour and positive work habits in our school.
  • All classes have a regular circle time to help children explore feelings, discuss issues and enhance their self-esteem.
  • Individual behaviour plans are established for children who are unable to follow the class discipline plan. Parents are involved at this stage either verbally or by letter.
  • Staff follow procedures in the Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies for dealing with serious incidents (bullying, racism, fighting).
  • We have a School Council with representatives from each class.

Anti-racist statement

We take as a basic premise our commitment to a multi-cultural/antiracist education, and our determination that all children, whatever their race, creed, colour, culture or religion, will be respected as individuals with equality of both opportunity and rights. We are aware and must continue to be aware of the specific needs of children from all ethnic groups, and commit ourselves to providing a complete anti-racist/multicultural education for every child in our school. The attitude of the whole school must be positive towards the achievement of the goals set out above.

Child Protection and Health & Safety

We believe that children and young people have the right to be treated equally and to learn in safe and friendly environment. We have in place a safeguarding policy which aims to contribute to the personal safety of all children attending our supplementary school through actively promoting child protection awareness, good practice and sound procedures.

If you have any child protection concerns and/or want to report any suspicion of neglect or abuse, please contact Dr. Yousef Daabaj who is the School designated person.

All our staff are CRB/DBS checked, provide evidence of identity, and sign a formal declaration of any criminal convictions.

We have a health and safety policy which aims to provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment, and systems of work for all staff and students.

A risk assessment has already been carried out at our school where Health and Safety Regulations are assured and public liability covers all participants.

Supporting Children Learning

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child‛ s education and we welcome all parents willing to volunteer during our sessions. If you are interested in supporting the school in this way please speak to our administration staff.

Parents‛ Meetings

Parents‛ Meetings will be held at least once a term, normally on the last Saturday before each term holiday. It is important that you or an adult member of your family attend. If it is not possible, please make arrangements with your child‛ s class teacher for a time that better suits you.

Awards Ceremony

Children are presented with certificates and prizes for good work and achievement. The Achievement Ceremony usually takes place during Ramadan Month every year. Your child‛ s class teacher will invite you to see a class assembly or to see your child receive an award. Please attend whenever you can, as it is important for children to see that their parents value their achievements.

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